Tut tut

Maze Interior,

A hook shelf in the shape of a stylized train. Display your favorite books and hang things on the hooks.


Material: Iron, powder coated
Colour: Black, red, white
Size: L 650mm H 200mm D 30mm

  1. Clock of plates

    Plates-close up plats-thumb-2
  2. Lollipop

    Lollipop-thumb-1 lollipop-thumb-2
  3. Everyday chandelier

    Everyday-thumb-2 Everyday-chandelier-thumb
  4. Edgy

    Edgy--thumb-2 egdy-thunb-3
  5. Retro

    Retro-thimb-1 Retro-thumb-2
  6. Towie truck

    1615_Towie_Truck_-thumb 1615_Towie-Truck_-thumb
  7. Castle

    Castle-Thumb3 Castle-Thumb2
  8. Letter desk

    Letter-desk-Thumb1 Letter-desk-Thumb2
  9. Star table

    Star-table-Thumb1 Star-table-Thumb2
  10. Mirroring aeroplanes

    Mirroring-aeroplanes-Thumb Mirroring-Aeroplanes-Thumb2
  11. Illusion

    Illusion-Thumb3 Illusion-Thumb
  12. A house passing by

    A-house-passing-by-Thumb1 a-house-passing-by
  13. Spaces beyond physical room

    Ursviken Space
  14. Lampell

    Lampell-Thumb1 Lampell-Thumb2
  15. Happy

    Happy-Red-Thumb1 Happy-Red-Thumb2
  16. Ducky

    Ducky-Thumb3 Ducky-Thumb2
  17. Solo storage trolley

    Roshults-Thumb1 Roshults-Thumb2
  18. Tut tut

    Tut-tut-Thumb3 Tut-tut-Thumb2
  19. Stjärna

    Stjarna-feature-bild Stjarna-rad-bild-2
  20. Aeroplanes

    Aeroplanes-Thumb1 Aeroplanes-Thumb2
  21. Letter shelf

    Letter-shelf-Thumb1 Letter-shelf-Thumb2
  22. Dotz

    Dotz-Thumb3 Dotz-Thumb2
  23. Cord light

    Cord-light-Thumb1 Cord-light-Thumb3
  24. Star

    Star-Thumb03 Star-Thumb01
  25. Chess

    Chess-Thumb1 Chess-Thumb2
  26. Sally

    Sally-Thumb3 Sally-Thumb2
  27. Fire

    Fire-Thumb1 Fire-Thumb2
  28. Design bar by Campsite

    Lamp_CampSite-Thumb1 Lamp_CampSite-Thumb2
  29. Snailey

    Snaliy-Thumb01 Snaliy-Thumb02
  30. Campsite Berns

    Aeroplane-Berns-Thumb1 Aeroplane-Berns-Thumb2
  31. Taxy

    Taxy-Thumb1 Taxy-Thumb2
  32. MagBag

    MagBag-Thumb1 MagBag-Thumb2
  33. Kubo

    Kubo-Thumb1 Kubo-Thumb2
  34. Iggy

    Iggy-Thumb1 Iggy-Thumb2
  35. Tool landscape

    Och en sista Tool-Landscape-Thumb2
  36. Jewellery shelf

    Jewellery-shelf-Thumb1 Jewellery-shelf-Thumb2
  37. Jewellery drawer

    Jewellery-Drawer-Thumb1 Jewellery-Drawer-Thumb2
  38. Jewellery doll

    Jewellery-doll-Thumb1 Jewellery-doll-Thumb2
  39. Car and Caravan

    Car-and-caravan-Thumb1 Car-and-caravan-Thumb2
  40. Aeroplane floor lamp

    Aeroplane-Thumb1 Aeroplane-Thumb2
  41. Chair bench

    Chair-bench-Thumb01 Chair-bench-Thumb02
  42. Jewellery lamp

    Jewellery-Lamp-Thumb1 Jewellery-Lamp-Thumb2
  43. Flower

    Flower-Thumb1 Flower-Thumb2
  44. Aeroplane light

    Aeroplane-light-Thumb1 Aeroplane-light-Thumb2
  45. Hook hanger

    Hook-hanger-Thumb01 Hook-hanger-Thumb02
  46. Cup lamp

    Cup-lamp-Thumb1 Cup-lamp-Thumb2
  47. Spool

    Spool-Thumb2 Spool-Thumb1
  48. The growing lamp

    Growing-lamp-Thumb1 Growing-lamp-Thumb2
  49. Tea cup lamp

    Tea-cup-lamp-tumnagel-1 Tea-cup-lamp-tumnagel-2
  50. As if…fantasy was reality

    Vy_Borkyrka-sidan The-snail-croppad
  51. Stacked plates lamp

    Stacked-plates-lamp-feature Stacked-plates-feature
  52. Piled cups lamp

    Piled cups lamp-feature-2 Piled-cups-lamp-feature-3
  53. Play

    Play-Thumb1 Play-Thumb2
  54. Swing

    Swing-Thumb1 Swing-Thumb2
  55. Connect

    Connect1-Thumb1 Connect1-Thumb2
  56. Perspective

    perspective-skiss-tumnagel Perspective-Thumb02