Malin Lundmark

  1. Beijing

    beijing-thumb-1 Beijing-thumb-2
  2. Gloria

    Gloria-thumb-a gloria-vit-thumb-2
  3. Cut

    cut-1st-thumb cut-shumb-2
  4. Frame

    Thumb-frame thumb-frame-2
  5. Clock of plates

    Plates-close up plats-thumb-2
  6. Lollipop

    Lollipop-thumb-1 lollipop-thumb-2
  7. Everyday chandelier

    Everyday-thumb-2 Everyday-chandelier-thumb
  8. Weave Weave

    weave-thumb-1 weave-thumb-2
  9. Edgy

    Edgy--thumb-2 egdy-thunb-3
  10. Retro

    Retro-thimb-1 Retro-thumb-2
  11. Towie truck

    1615_Towie_Truck_-thumb 1615_Towie-Truck_-thumb
  12. Castle

    Castle-Thumb3 Castle-Thumb2
  13. Letter desk

    Letter-desk-Thumb1 Letter-desk-Thumb2
  14. Star table

    Star-table-Thumb1 Star-table-Thumb2
  15. Mirroring aeroplanes

    Mirroring-aeroplanes-Thumb Mirroring-Aeroplanes-Thumb2
  16. Illusion

    Illusion-Thumb3 Illusion-Thumb
  17. A house passing by

    A-house-passing-by-Thumb1 a-house-passing-by
  18. Spaces beyond physical room

    Ursviken Space
  19. Lampell

    Lampell-Thumb1 Lampell-Thumb2
  20. Happy

    Happy-Red-Thumb1 Happy-Red-Thumb2
  21. Ducky

    Ducky-Thumb3 Ducky-Thumb2
  22. Solo storage trolley

    Roshults-Thumb1 Roshults-Thumb2
  23. Tut tut

    Tut-tut-Thumb3 Tut-tut-Thumb2
  24. Stjärna

    Stjarna-feature-bild Stjarna-rad-bild-2
  25. Aeroplanes

    Aeroplanes-Thumb1 Aeroplanes-Thumb2
  26. Letter shelf

    Letter-shelf-Thumb1 Letter-shelf-Thumb2
  27. Dotz

    Dotz-Thumb3 Dotz-Thumb2
  28. Cord light

    Cord-light-Thumb1 Cord-light-Thumb3
  29. Star

    Star-Thumb03 Star-Thumb01
  30. Chess

    Chess-Thumb1 Chess-Thumb2
  31. Sally

    Sally-Thumb3 Sally-Thumb2
  32. Fire

    Fire-Thumb1 Fire-Thumb2
  33. Design bar by Campsite

    Lamp_CampSite-Thumb1 Lamp_CampSite-Thumb2
  34. Snailey

    Snaliy-Thumb01 Snaliy-Thumb02
  35. Campsite Berns

    Aeroplane-Berns-Thumb1 Aeroplane-Berns-Thumb2
  36. Taxy

    Taxy-Thumb1 Taxy-Thumb2
  37. MagBag

    MagBag-Thumb1 MagBag-Thumb2
  38. Kubo

    Kubo-Thumb1 Kubo-Thumb2
  39. Iggy

    Iggy-Thumb1 Iggy-Thumb2
  40. Tool landscape

    Och en sista Tool-Landscape-Thumb2
  41. Jewellery shelf

    Jewellery-shelf-Thumb1 Jewellery-shelf-Thumb2
  42. Jewellery drawer

    Jewellery-Drawer-Thumb1 Jewellery-Drawer-Thumb2
  43. Jewellery doll

    Jewellery-doll-Thumb1 Jewellery-doll-Thumb2
  44. Car and Caravan

    Car-and-caravan-Thumb1 Car-and-caravan-Thumb2
  45. Aeroplane floor lamp

    Aeroplane-Thumb1 Aeroplane-Thumb2
  46. Chair bench

    Chair-bench-Thumb01 Chair-bench-Thumb02
  47. Jewellery lamp

    Jewellery-Lamp-Thumb1 Jewellery-Lamp-Thumb2
  48. Flower

    Flower-Thumb1 Flower-Thumb2
  49. Aeroplane light

    Aeroplane-light-Thumb1 Aeroplane-light-Thumb2
  50. Hook hanger

    Hook-hanger-Thumb01 Hook-hanger-Thumb02
  51. Cup lamp

    Cup-lamp-Thumb1 Cup-lamp-Thumb2
  52. Spool

    Spool-Thumb2 Spool-Thumb1
  53. The growing lamp

    Growing-lamp-Thumb1 Growing-lamp-Thumb2
  54. Tea cup lamp

    Tea-cup-lamp-tumnagel-1 Tea-cup-lamp-tumnagel-2
  55. As if…fantasy was reality

    Vy_Borkyrka-sidan The-snail-croppad
  56. Stacked plates lamp

    Stacked-plates-lamp-feature Stacked-plates-feature
  57. Piled cups lamp

    Piled cups lamp-feature-2 Piled-cups-lamp-feature-3
  58. Play

    Play-Thumb1 Play-Thumb2
  59. Swing

    Swing-Thumb1 Swing-Thumb2
  60. Connect

    Connect1-Thumb1 Connect1-Thumb2
  61. Perspective

    perspective-skiss-tumnagel Perspective-Thumb02


  1. Stockholm Furniture Fair

    My side table Lollipop for Karl Andersson & Söner and Everyday Chandelier for By Rydéns will be launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair, 4-8 of february.
    Welcome to Karl Andersson & Söner, stand A 25:30, and to By Rydéns, stand B 10:21.

  2. Taiwan Ceramics Biennial

    Curator Wendy Gers has invited me to represent Sweden in the yearly biennial at New Taipei City Yingee Ceramic Museum in Taiwan. Among seven other talented curators Wendy was selected for her proposal “Ceramics Now: Art, Design & Digital Materality. The exhibiton will run from May 2 to October 12, 2014.

  3. New post cards

    New post cards designed by KOD & FORM


Studio Malin Lundmark designs products for domestic and public environments, and creates art for public space. Her work is poetic and playful. Daily life is often a great source of inspiration. Imagination and play mixed with technical solutions create unexpected experiences in her products. Working with the public space, illusion and light is recurrent themes. Her vision is that art should interact with the environment and be well integrated in the architecture.

Studio Malin Lundmark has participated in numerous fairs and exhibitions around the world. In 2008 she was nominated by Elle Décor Norway to EDIDA for “Best Young Designer 2007,” and since 2009 her work is a part of the permanent collection at MAD, Museum of Arts and Design in New York. Read more…


Improvisation, intuition and imagination. Can we ignore knowledge that we already have? How can we let go of control and bypass the intellect? Play, illusion and the unexpected is expressions that often guides and inspires my work.

In my process, I often commute between play and being a professional performer. I play, putting together things from different areas and associate freely without obligation. I instead let the associations take me forward. Read more…

Telefonplan Studios
LM Ericssons väg 14
126 26 Hägersten

+46 70 607 35 94